News Release


Date Published:

May 24, 2017

In this second of a four-part video series, Richard Munro, global cloud strategy director at VMware, discusses the importance and benefits of taking a Cross-Cloud approach to help all lines of the business drive innovation and deliver on their strategic IT priorities. He also considers the key questions that businesses should be asking when it comes to continuing their cloud journey.


Initiating a Security Transformation

With data breaches making headline news and the cyber threat landscape evolving faster than ever, organisations are increasingly challenged on how to keep their operations, their data, and their customer information secure as they digitally transform. Couple this with the fact that businesses are also operating across a broader landscape than ever before, made up of multiple platforms, and it’s no surprise that ensuring complete protection across these services is top of mind for businesses—from the IT Department to the Boardroom.

As businesses move to transform their security across multiple services, replicating current processes is a step in the right direction in working towards successfully virtualising an organisation’s networks in a secure manner.

Defining the steps to initiate a security transformation in a multi-cloud world, Munro outlines the benefits of using an existing security strategy as a foundation to extend capabilities into other cloud environments. He also discusses the way in which cybersecurity incidents increasingly succeed today, highlighting that by recognising that perimeter protection alone is not sufficient, organisations can prevent attackers from targeting sensitive and critical applications from inside their network.

Emphasising the need to take on a practical view when it comes to unique risk profiles for individual applications, Munro also considers the importance of individual devices and their accessibility in such multi-cloud environments.

In this video, Richard Munro highlights the importance of VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ in transforming security for today’s modern enterprises.